In June, after many happy years at ARU in Chicago, I took a risk and made the move to Ireland. I was flattered to receive a kind welcome from many people in the Dublin post production community, and I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who took the time to meet, show me round their facilities, chat about the post scene, and put me in touch with others – in particular Alan, Dean, Peter, Jamzie, Noel, and Mark.

As well as meeting some exceptionally talented sound people, it’s been my pleasure to contribute to a number of Irish productions in 2019:

In addition to television, I also worked on the following short films: Cailín Álainn and The Invisible Boy (dialog editing); The Grass Ceiling (dialog and sound effects editing), and feature film A Brixton Tale (foley editing).

Thank you to everyone involved for the opportunity to work on these productions.