tom haigh
sound post production


›› sound design

Effective sound design is carefully selected, subtle, and balances the other elements in a production.

Along with access to a vast industry standard sound library, as well as my own custom foley and surround-sound ambiences, I can create unique sound design tailored to your project.

›› voice over production

The studios at ARU are some of the best in Chicago, offering a comfortable working environment, excellent equipment, acoustically designed control rooms and soundproof booths.

To this I bring my experience in recording and directing voice over talent, bringing your copy to life and ensuring outstanding results are achieved on time and on budget.

›› dialog cleanup and restoration

Fast shooting schedules can result in compromises in the quality of dialog that is recorded on location.

Good dialog restoration is not simply a matter of noise reduction - it involves the sensitive application of a variety of tools and techniques. That’s where my ears and experience come in, giving clean, intelligible dialog back to your project.

›› ADR and dialog replacement

Sometimes dialog cleanup isn't enough, and lines have to be replaced. Recording good ADR requires strong session management skills, careful listening and direction, and effective post processing.

I've delivered convincing ADR which has enchanced performances and put projects with unsalvagable production sound back on track.

›› mixing

A skilled mixer pulls all the different sound elements together into a convincing whole. I make sure that not only does your mix sound great in the studio, but that it will translate well across different delivery formats and listening environments.

I’m familiar with loudness standards and best mixing practices for television, radio, YouTube and social media, and film.

›› spatial audio

In addition to delivering mixes in conventional 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats, I have a keen interest in ambisonics. Once the domain of artists and special venues, ambisonic sound has emerged as the audio format of choice for 360° video and some virtual reality applications.

I have a dedicated ambisonic field recording rig with Core Sound Tetramic and Sennheiser Ambeo microphones available to capture full 360° spatial ambiences, and I can deliver B format mixes suitable for YouTube 360, Facebook 360, and other 360° video platforms.

›› voice over narration

Need a neutral British accent for your next project? I'm represented by Lily's Talent (Chicago) for voice over. My narration demo is available here.

›› software

I have detailed knowledge and experience in the following audio-specific software:

  • Pro Tools 10-12
  • Nuendo 2-8
  • Reaper
  • iZotope RX 5-6
  • Syncro Arts Revoice/VocALign
  • Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation
  • Dolby Atmos VR
  • Audio Ease 360pan suite
  • Ambisonic Toolkit (ATK)
  • Wwise